Anyone can be a Bounty hunter

The Bounty Program gives tokens as rewards to supporters
for doing some simple tasks for the company.
It's a new way of marketing.

The ICO Bounty Solution makes your bounty campaign systematic. All bounty campaigns we support are localized globally including US/UK (English) and East Asia.

Offer bounty hunters the chance
to join remarkable ICO Projects.


Gather the best ICOs in one place.

We deliver ICO Bounty programs for you.
Join bounty programs EASILY, logging in with Single Sign-On(SSO).

Spread bounty programs for ICOs

Get bonus bounties based on your activities.
Get bigger rewards for paid marketing campaigns.
Grab a chance to get more rewards.


Blockplus guarantees your stakes

Blockplus runs an escrow system for bounty hunters.
Store all of your claims on the blockchain.
You don't need to worry about rewards.

Campaigns continue even after ICO ends

We support Post-ICO Programs with a variety of campaigns.
Get rewards constantly even after the ICO ends.

*Post-ICO Program is available in July.


A Management system for bounty hunters.

Single sign-on (SSO) System

Global ICOs

Management System

Storage on the blockchain

Paid Campaigns


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by joining Blockplus now.

*Limited: URL Shortening Tool, Social posting tool supported reservation posting.